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    Casta Fierce



    Wydowna Spider

    "I ♥ Fashion"



    Sweet Screams

    (Ghoulia & Abbey)



    L'etrange Petit Monde De Monsteph-High!

    (Présentation de me chaine)

    Ghoul Sports



    Freaky Fusion




    Invisi Billy


    Ghoul Spirit, Sloman "Slo Moe" Mortavitch!



    Toralei Stripe, Coffin Bean!



    Frights, Camera, Action!

    Viperine Gorgon



    Monster High, Sweet Screams!!!



    Monster High,Ghoul Spirit!



    Monster High. Frights, Camera, Action!

    Clawdia Wolf



    Monster High, Frights, Camera, Action!




    Monster High, Scaremester



    Monster High, Frights Camera Action! (New Stars)



    Monster High. Frights, Camera, Action! (Black Carpet)


    Monster  High, Catty Noir!


    Monster High, Toralei/Cat Tastrophe and the Bat!


    Monster High, Ma Monstrueuse Collection! Oct 2013


    Monster High, Abbey Bominable, Music Festival!



    Monster High, Clawdeen Wolf, Music Festival!



    Monster High, Gillington "Gil" Webber!


    Monster High, Venus McFlytrap, Music Festival!



    Monster high, Halloween approche...



    I Love Fashion, I Love Shoes! ♥



    Monster High, Ghoulia Dead Fast!


    13 Wishes Dolls


    Swim Line 1 et 2 Wave!


    Ghoul's Night Out


    Les Power Ghouls!!!


    PowerGhouls, Frankie Stein as Voltageous!


    PowerGhouls, Toralei as Cat Tastrophe!


    Nouveau tour d'horizon de ma Monstrueuse Collection

    (152 Dolls)



    Mes 2 nouvelles Doll's, I love Shoes!



    Petite preview de ma prochaine vidéo...



    Ma 150eme Monster-High




    L'arrivée de Catty Noir dans ma Monstrueuse Collection!



    Ma Monstrueuse Collection de Monster-High en vidéo!


    Ma Monstrueuse Collection



    Ma Monstrueuse Collection

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